The Most Common Self Defense Products

Self defense refers to the kind of actions taken by an individual to stop another person from inflicting damage or causing harm one’s property or one’s self. Although there has been a great debate on the use of firearms, people are slowly turning into other kinds of non-lethal self-defense weapons available for personal protection. You can prevent yourself from an assault or prevent the damage or robbing of your personal property. Self defense products such as personal alarms, pepper sprays and stun guns when used in the right manner can offer a tactical advantage of surprise. However, prior to using these products, it is important to remember that the products are not intended to permanently overpower the assailant. This means that after you have used then, proceed with your business and do not wait for the law enforcers to arrive.

Self Defense LawsPrior to purchasing a self defense product, it is important to check stun gun laws, restrictions in addition to pepper spray restrictions and laws. If the product is illegal in your state of residence, avoid using it otherwise you can end up in jail. In addition, self defense products are to be used only when you are facing an assault and when your safety is compromised. Using a self-defense product to intimidate another individual is also considered to be against the law.

Popular Self Defense Products

There are two types of non-lethal products that are very common with people and particularly women. These products are pepper spray and stun guns. They are both ideal defense weapons for women. They are highly affordable, effective and dependable. However, their effects on the attacker are completely different and are used differently.

A stun gun is self defense weapon ideal for close encounters. Many people are aware that most attacks happen up close and therefore want a stun gun. These guns use low amperage and high voltages to disable an attacker temporarily. The energy stored in the gun is placed on an attacker’s muscles causing them to work rapidly which depletes their blood sugar instantly. This means that the attacker’s body is temporarily unable to function properly. In addition, this gun causes an interruption of the neurological impulses which direct and control voluntary muscle movement. Using this defense weapon is very easy. You just have to press the stun gun onto the attacker’s body and trigger the stun gun button. It is recommended that the stun gun be pressed onto the thighs, shoulder or stomach. If the attacker is in a thick coat, press it onto the hands, groin or neck.

Stun Guns

On the other hand, pepper sprays work completely different. The main reason why many individuals love pepper sprays is because it gives people the chance to fight an attacker from quite a distance. Basic pepper sprays usually have a spray distance of six to eight feet. The user is supposed to spray the face right into the attacker’s eyes. When sprayed in the face, the spray causes pain in the eyes and can also result into breathing problems. The attacker can hardly keep his eyes open because of the swelling of the veins in the eyes. An advantage of pepper spray is that its effects on an attacker can last for forty five minutes. A pepper spray is extremely effective and can be carried in a handbag or pocket.

Pepper Spray Options

Both stun guns and pepper sprays, as well as a multitude of other personal and home safety items can be found here:

The effects and damages caused by a pepper spray are not permanent. This weapon can be attached to your keychain or in the back pocket. If you have been a victim of assault, you definitely don’t want to go shopping, to the ATM or the mall without some form of protection. It can save you or someone else’s life.