Looking At The Benefits Of New Screech Alarms

There are many different pieces of self defense gear out there, or security gear, and screech alarms hold a distinctive place in the array of different options available. Unlike car alarms where you have to be within so many feet, or home alarms which obviously are only set up for a home residency, personal alarms have the added benefit of being a portable option that are easy to carry and legal in all 50 states. Safety alarms are all about bringing attention and aid from good Samaritans whenever there’s a potential conflict.

Screech AlarmsCan Be Carried Anywhere
These security devices can come in the form of small aerosol cans that are often the size of relatively small pepper spray cans and can easily be attached to a belt holster or carried in a pocket. This is crucial because since these are designed to help bring help when something bad happens, they need to be as portable as possible. As long as you have any type of a pocket on you, these can be carried along.

Obviously this makes them the right size for small holsters or purses, as well. These options are very intentional as screech alarms and meant to be carried around so if the worst happens and they are needed, that they are within easy reach and can complement a stun gun or pepper spray.

Security Is Important
They are a handy signaling device, quite similar to a fog horn. The sharp loud sound is clearly a call for help, is meant to get the attention of everyone in the area, and while it can’t be used like a stun gun or pepper spray to actually fight off an attacker, it will help to scare away attackers who don’t want any attention brought to them, or it will help get attention and help from anyone in the area.

Sometimes the key is just fighting long enough for backup to show up, and a good loud SOS can be heard for a long distance, with some of them making sound that can go even a quarter of a mile. This means that if there is anyone remotely close by they will be instantly alerted to what is going on and be ready to call the authorities, show up to witness what is going on, and in some cases charge right in to help you out.

Combine With Pepper Spray
All those points are good ones to keep in mind, but screech alarms are just that: they are alarms. They are not self defense tools in and of themselves, and that’s why many people believe it’s best to pair them with an actual self defense weapon like a stun gun or pepper spray. The signaling devices bring in help or get others to call it in, but combining them with pepper spray is how you can defend yourself from attack or robbery until that extra help arrives.

Often times just pepper spray or just the alarm might not be enough to scare off a would be criminal, but being overwhelmed by both might just do the trick.

In Conclusion
There are many different portable alarms out there, but there’s something about the new screech alarms that really fills a need. While it is critical to keep in mind exactly what these do and what they don’t do, when you have the right expectations and understanding of their role in keeping you safe, you will find that they are a fantastic piece of equipment to add to a purse, a bag, or even a pocket to promote your safety throughout the day.